Yaron Ziv has combined the Gestalt method with coaching, creating a powerful, immediate and transformative therapeutic method that is greatly adapted for our modern times.

“GESTALT WORKSHOP – Self Empowerment Therapy”
GESTALT WORKSHOP – Self Empowerment Therapy

Israeli psychology professor Yaron Ziv is widely known and beloved in his home country for his inspirational lectures and transformative workshops. In Israel, he has founded the pioneering Maof Center for counseling and psychotherapy, which specializes in Gestalt Methods for Individuals, couples, families and organizations and leading self-awareness groups in Gestalt Therapy.

Yaron Ziv is one of the leading Gestalt therapy experts in Israel. He is also a certified personal coach and specialize in a number of different therapeutic methods including organizational consultancy, biodanza, AUM meditation and group counseling facilitation, among others.

Out of this original combination of Western psychology with Eastern philosophy Ziv developed a modern and innovative therapeutic method called Coaching the Gestalt Way. Gestalt methods were widely popular during the 1960s and 1970s, especially in the USA, because it of the radically humanistic ideas about the self and awareness that were at their core. Gestalt’s focus on the present moment, and on immediate thoughts and feelings, make it a very lively, spontaneous and creative approach.

The method of Coaching the Gestalt Way applies the transformative ideas that are found at the core of Gestalt and delivers them even more rapidly and effectively, using the format of life-coaching, rather than therapy. Life-coaching is an approach that assists people in designing their future, rather than helping them get over their past.

The combination of Gestalt method with coaching creates a powerful, immediate and transformative method, which is specifically adapted for the pressing challenges of our modern lives. For future clients, the greater holistic awareness and increased insight achieved in such a short period of time, presents a truly new method for dealing with the challenges of their lives.  

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