Simply Anabolics Releases New Information On The Effects And Benefits of Cardarine

Manchester, UK – Selective androgen receptor modulators, or simply SARMS, is used as a substitute for a steroid in muscle building. This provides the benefits of taking steroids without feeling the side effects. SARMS have been around for over a decade and are currently tested in various medical experiments. While SARMS are not yet available for mass consumption, people can still legally purchase these products for research purposes. One of these is cardarine, an orally administered receptor modulator whose benefits are explained by Simply Anabolics.

“Cardarine is not steroidal in nature, and was originally developed for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and its ability to lower bad cholesterol,” said Harry Holmes, Simply Anabolics representative. However, it was discovered that this certain receptor also mimics the effects of steroids and is a good fat burner. Users also reported an increase in their endurance during exercise, allowing them to continue sessions longer. “Cardarine is virtually free of any side effects and can be combined with other drug enhancing products for optimal results,” he added.

Cardarine is most effective when orally ingested in liquid form as further explained by Simply Anabolics ( This is swallowed followed by drinking non-carbonated sweetened drinks or water. A dose of 10 to 15 milligrams a day is recommended and is taken over eight weeks. Since it has a half-life of about 24 hours, muscle builders only need to drink this once a day. While cardarine is primarily known for its fat burning capabilities, it is also popular as a muscle building agent. Builders note that their muscles are neither too soft nor puffy after using this receptor.  

Simply Anabolics advises that taking cardarine is not allowed in athletic competitions. The World Olympics Committee added the product to the list of prohibited drugs after Chinese delegates were tested positive from this enhancer. Moreover, there are reports linking its use to cancer. Those who have a family history of cancer or those who have high risk should not consume cardarine. Nonetheless, Simply Anabolics argues that the studies were somewhat skewed because cardarine was administered in very high dosages over prolonged periods of time.

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