Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Highlights Oil and Gas Industry Pillar: Zentech

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Los Angeles, CA – July 27, 2017 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Ramesh K. Maini, President of Zentech, Inc.,  a company providing services to the marine, petroleum and construction industries.

According to Maini, one of the challenges faced by the oil and gas industries in the last fifteen to twenty years is the need to drill in deeper water as well as dealing with a lack of oil. “This is making the cost of rigs much more expensive. Since the price of gas has now come down, the costs associated with reaching the oil is out of range for many, leading to an all-around downturn in the industry.”

The company’s motto is “innovative engineering solutions.” Zentech seeks to figure out how to modify rigs to create more efficient tools of acquiring oil. Zentech’s whole goal is to look for ways to do things less expensively but yet as efficiently as or more so than before.

“Although there is much controversy when it comes to what fuels we should be using to power our lives, gas and oil are as of right now still very much part of America’s infrastructure. Therefore, we should all care what happens within this industry. Our guest on this show shares how his company Zentech is working to make the gas and oil industries more cost effective and efficient, which will ideally eventually yield to more savings at the pump,” says JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®.

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