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Marcio Garcia de Andrade Press Release

July 28, 2017 – Marcio Garcia de Andrade has consistently built great businesses for over a decade. His interests span from creating private/corporate websites to enabling start-ups access to funds to drive their various initiatives. Marcio has a passion for helping new entrepreneurs build successful businesses. This is why he has opened new channels that will help him share his passion, skills, expertise, and insight of running various virtual businesses across the board. In his words, he says that you must “Design your life…it won’t design itself”. Marcio holds a Bachelor of Finance degree from the University of Florida and he is an alumnus of the London School of Economics.

He began his foray into the world of entrepreneurship as an undergraduate in the University. He built his first company which he later sold to Over time, he realized that there was a need to help entrepreneurs access funds to grow their business. This led him to open a channel where people could get support, access credit, and connect with investors to help raise their business to the next level. Marcio’s interests have led him to travel around the world where he has built teams that help him drive his numerous businesses. He believes that success can be measured based on the returns that you enjoy from each investment, even when you are no longer working.

The turn of the century has witnessed an increased use of technology in giving real time solutions. Marcio realized that the real world was not keeping tabs with this reality. His virtual organizations were conceived as a response to bridge the seeming gap between the real needs of business owners and the use of top line technology to meet them. Every aspect of his business is galvanized to deliver value with precision.

With a passion for helping others, Marcio Andrade can be described as a businessman, philanthropist, consultant, trainer, coach, and travel nomad. Based in the U.S., Marcio works to help others achieve their dreams and volunteers his time and resources to ensure that others have the potential to fulfill their vision.

Marcio’s focus is to build a revolutionary business model that will change the face of the online financial services industry for good. His various strides have received notable mentions among leading authorities across the board. On a personal note, Marcio can be termed to be a friend and a partner who values the beauty of helping others live a fulfilling life.

With the unveiling of the next phase of his career, many lives are set for a dramatic, positive turn. You can visit to learn more details about Marcio.

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Company Name: Mait Management Inc
Contact Person: Marcio Garcia De Andrade
Country: United States