A New theory regarding the origins of the Planets life and DNA

KEYPORT, NJ – 31 Jul, 2017 – A new “Jupiter First” planetary formation theory. MicroNeuron.com a brain child of Timothy Telymonde from Keyport New Jersey published a comprehensive theory challenging the “Big bang” with a very elegant solution that seems to be garnering rapid support. Tim  Suggests that Jupiter and the Gas Giants are the oldest celestial bodies in our universe. Timothy makes the point that the Gas Giants pre-date the suns and produce the helium and the hydrogen required to trigger fusion. The Gas Giants produce helium and hydrogen in close to the exact percentages that exist in space.

Timothy also makes the point that the planets likley formed on the gravitational flux fields of Jupiter to form soft gravitational fields that are known to capture dark matter and dark energy. This may be the link to the formation of matter in our universe through natural cold fusion. Mr Telymonde suggests that this process may also produces and sequence DNA through our Van Allen magnetic flux lines that capture almost all of the information within our of our biosphere. He wants to alert people to the fact that the planet is approaching 16.5 herts  this frequency is a harmonic of a frequency that researchers use to repair DNA and this frequency may be a lifes cycle in which the planet may produce new life.

Further Tim has graphed the orbiting times of the planets on both sides of Jupiter and suggests that the non linear long orbits on the dark side the the Gas giant suggest that the solar system may have been orbiting Jupiter prior to the sun triggering fusion. Tim suggests that this would explain the elliptical orbit of the brown dwarf that is likey the daughter to our sun prior to our Sun triggering fusion. During this time collisions occurred, Jupiter and Saturn picked up many planets as there moons. Prior to this point in time  we were primarily a silicon well order Jupiter based planetary system. Tim says we We likley formed close to the lateral center point of the Milky Way. Further Tim suggests that this point should be researched in an in depth manner because all of  the planets in our solar system would likely need to shift poles when our system passed this  point of lateral center again.

Tim also discuses the fractal nature of the universe and that thought may be similar to reflections of sound or energys. Like drops of water within drops of water all information is shared by the torus’es of energy that define each atom uniquely and water itself is the three dimensional paper the universe writes on during the cold fusion process that literally slows things down as it re-writes matter life and possibly DNA.

DNA  may be what it’s all about, since through free will our many perspectives add dimension and spatial location information to the overall fractal mind that our consciousness may reside in.

Video Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N1_ob_suaHA

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