New Spanish Portal for Crypto Currencies, Launched

USA – Since their introduction, crypto currencies like bitcoins have grabbed worldwide attention. Bringing the latest news and information on this fast evolving landscape is, a Spanish portal carrying wide ranging news related to crypto currencies, alt coins or Criptomonedas.

Every day sees heated debates on their nature and whether they can form a trusted and global alternate currency system, maybe even replace traditional currencies and become the only currency that would run across the world. The US has recently for digital currencies to be considered as securities and therefore required to comply with the regulations. As digital currencies, bit coins and other forms of crypto currencies have formed an alternate, underground world of secure and encrypted currency units that remain in short supply, protect identities of holders, and can be traded and exchanged as normal currencies.

The Spanish is a regularly updated source of all new developments taking place in crypto currencies, and focuses on the Spanish market. Apart from digital assets, it also covers initial coin offerings (ICO), which are becoming popular in crowdfunding circles. The crypto currency news portal welcomes founders to publish their projects, whitepapers and press release on its website.

Every day is a new day in the world of crypto currencies, and worldwide users are always on the lookout for new developments. covers all crucial topics, such as the first Swiss bank to adopt the blockchain technology, inter-country collaborations, hourly prices of bitcoins and ethereum, etc.

“There are about three million active cryptocurrency users. The growth has been exponential, and with many Spanish speakers within that market,” says Mark Weynard, Founder,

Since they lie outside the banking system, crypto currencies are thus seen as an alternative way to buy and sell products and services, and have recently been approved by major multinationals and even educational institutes. proudly extends this new and futuristic world of digital currencies to the Spanish speaking world.

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