Creative Diagnostics Provides New Tetanus (Clostridium Tetani) Related Products for Researchers

Creative Diagnostics offers Tetanus (Clostridium Tetani) antigens, antibodies and ELISA kits for research use.

As a leading supplier of innovative life science research tools, Creative Diagnostics continues to expand its products portfolio by recently offering a series of high quality Tetanus (Clostridium tetani) antigens, antibodies and ELISA kits for research use.  Products like tetanus toxoid, Anti-C. tetani Polyclonal antibody, Tetanus Toxin IgG ELISA Kit are now available and accessible at Creative Diagnostics.

Tetanus is a nervous system disease caused by a toxin (tetanospasmin) produced by Clostridium tetani. It is divided into four clinical types: generalized, localized, cephalic, and neonatal. And it develops a terminal spore that is extremely stable in the environment, retaining the ability to germinate and cause disease indefinitely.

During growth, the bacilli possess abundant flagella and are sluggishly motile. Two toxins, tetanospasmin (commonly called tetanus toxin) and tetanolysin, are produced during this phase. Tetanospasmin is encoded on a plasmid that is present in all toxigenic strains. Tetanolysin is of uncertain importance in the pathogenesis of tetanus. Mature organisms lose their flagella, develop a terminal spore, and begin to resemble a squash racquet.

Tetanospasmin is synthesized as a single 151-kDa chain that is cleaved extracellularly by a bacterial protease into a 100-kDa heavy chain and a 50-kDa light chain (fragment A), which remain connected by a disulfide bridge. The heavy chain can be further divided into fragments B and C by pepsin. The heavy chain appears to mediate binding to cell surface receptors and transport proteins, whereas the light chain produces the presynaptic inhibition of transmitter release that produces clinical tetanus.  

“Researchers now have access to purchase Tetanus (Clostridium tetani) kits at Creative Diagnostics, for example, human tetanus toxoid antibody ELISA Kit, this kit is used for quantitative detection of IgG antibodies to Tetanus Toxoid in human serum or plasma; it is intended for diagnosing and monitoring of patients related to infection by Tetanus Toxoid. Creative Diagnostics looks forward to developing more research tools to help global customers.” said Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department of Creative Diagnostics. 

“We are excited to make this product portfolio available to researchers worldwide. We remain focused on our efforts to help researchers’ life sciences research in drug discovery and development. And we’re glad to further support researchers and other partners to accelerate tetanus research both locally and globally. ” said Dr. Randy S. Vaughn, senior researcher at Creative Diagnostics.

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