alphabet city design + marketing relaunched their agency on their 21st year.

alphabet city design + marketing is a 360 Ad Agency armed with all the know-how about what is trendy now and what will be the next up and coming drift in the entertainment.

The agency recently relaunched on its 21st year and have reemerged with a refreshed zest for providing marketing services that will allow their clients to develop and maintain a unique image and put their best foot forward to the audience. With industry knowledge and experience spanning over two decades, the firm is well versed with the present market, has a grasp of the needs and wants of the public, as well as a clear vision of what will shape the future, which is something that most marketing firms lack.

Over 20 years ago, alphabet city design + marketing was established to help struggling entertainers and music artists to create and convey their message to the public in a strong and unique manner. alphabet city design + marketing team is made up of several socialites, media moguls and young and tastemakers.

alphabet city design + marketing provides several innovative and modern marketing services that are designed to help music artists and individuals increase visibility, gain recognition, raise awareness through traditional and modern media. Innovation and ingenuity is the signature of alphabet city design + marketing. Being a complete marketing service company can also help music artists deal with their online marketing needs including managing social media to increase customer-business engagement.

Especially for the music artists, alphabet city design + marketing focuses on developing a strong and effective brand Identity, with a customized mix of branding and marketing techniques.

alphabet city design + marketing says “If you want to stand out in the crowd and want to look the very best you can, in a world that is full of look-a-likes, then now more than ever, it is absolutely critical to act different, look different and be different than everyone else. alphabet city design + marketing assists artists and entertainers look better, be different and separate them from the mold and help their brand look the very best it can! At alphabet city design + marketing, we have one goal. To differentiate you from your competitors in creative and strategic ways. We’re very good at figuring out what makes you unique and we know how to create work with stopping power. Built from the Ground Up!™”


alphabet city design + marketing is a design and marketing firm founded by Raquel R Sánchez. The firm is based in Miami and caters to music artists and the entertainment industry.

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Contact info: Raquel R Sánchez, Founder, Miami, FL,,

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Company Name: Alphabet city design + marketing
Contact Person: Raquel R Sánchez, Founder
City: Miami
State: FL
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