RedSwitches Launches Unmanaged VPS

New South Wales, Australia – There appears to be an ongoing argument in regards to what makes a business successful on the local and national level. Individuals believe that a financial roadmap and discipline contribute to a company’s success.  Whereas others believe customer service and risk contribute to a company’s success. The experts at RedSwitches Pty Ltd believes success lies in a business’ server as the company has been providing their hosting services 2011.

RedSwitches Pty Ltd has experience from a customer’s perspective when choosing the best server and understands the process can be intimidating. As a result, their experience sets them apart from their competitors as they continue to deliver the leading Europe based vps servers. The company also prides themselves on their expertise while delivering the highest quality of kvm powered vps and 24/7 support.

Nevertheless choosing a server can be an intimidating process and before consumers choose a server, it is important to understand the difference between managed and unmanaged VPS. Those who choose to have an unmanaged vps have more customization freedom and resources in comparison to those who choose a managed vps. It also allows for consumers to manage their systems which include full responsibility for installation, maintenance, upgrades, and backups. The unmanaged vps is recommended for small to medium businesses in size who are comfortable working with this technology.  

To get started businesses are encouraged to visit The site allows for consumers to compare their leading unmanaged vps services from the ideal server type such as most basic, most private, most popular and most powerful. The company recommends Pearl as it is the most basic and ideal for small businesses whereas Diamond is the most powerful and best used for large web projects. Servers and their expenses will vary from businesses depending on their size as well as what they are looking for.

RedSwitches has been on both sides of the business spectrum from customer to employee exceeding their clientele’s expectation by providing 24/7 technical support. If a business chooses an unmanaged VPS, the company can still help with the trouble the consumer is having. For those who are ready to switch servers, RedSwitches offers free migration which allows them to transfer a business’s website from one server to their unmanaged VPS at no additional cost.

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