Fax Broadcasting Service Proves Fax Marketing Can Be a Blast: Welcoming PaxFax

PaxFax, a fax advertising service with almost a decade of experience proves fax blast marketing still lives. There’s no arguing the validity of their arguments and now they have the lowest prices in the world.

Today, there are over 46 million fax machines in the world and almost 17 billion faxes are sent every year. These numbers clearly indicate that using a fax broadcasting service for marketing remains a great idea. PaxFax proves that by the high rate of efficiency their fax blasting service provides. They also can now claim the title of the cheapest fax broadcaster in the world.

Why Fax Broadcasting Service Rocks Today

The popularity boom of faxing occurred in the 1990’s and lasted into the early 2000’s. However, the rise of digital technologies, such as emails doesn’t mean that faxes have fallen into obscurity. Every major business today, and quite a few smaller ones, use these devices regularly. Even many residences still have them.

In Japan, almost 12 million people have them installed at homes and offices and over 17 million of the word’s faxes are in the US. One also needs to keep in mind that most fax machines are located in places where several people have access to them. Therefore, the chance is high that the message sent to the device will be seen by more than one person. This boosts the chances of finding a potential lead.

PaxFax: How a Top Fax Broadcasting Service Explains Its Success

The sheer number of fax machines in use is a proof of the large audience a business can reach through them. The fact that PaxFax officially is the cheapest fax blasting service in the world also goes a long way to explain their success. However, it’s the valid argumentation they offer for the credibility of this lead generation technique that really makes the difference.

On their website, https://www.paxfax.com/, PaxFax provide their rates, FAQ, and other important information. They also explain why a fax broadcasting service is still kicking on the marketing scene using a very simple example.

A fax cannot be overlooked and destroyed unopened.

It really is as simple as that. The fax sheet is physical, so it’s impossible not to see it. Considering how humans ‘operate’, the one handling the paper will definitely look through it.

This alone makes faxes more efficient than some emails as those can be (and often are) deleted unopened. A fax can’t be blocked by a spam filter or overlooked for the hundreds of other messages resting in one’s inbox.

PaxFax is the premier fax blasting service that has the lowest rates on the market. It offers fax broadcasting worldwide and can render any type of assistance necessary to boost the success of one’s lead generation faxing campaign.

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