Pages of Life – Personal diary and travel memories

“Pages of Life” by Angelika Siska
Angelika Siska shares her personal story in “Pages of Life”, but also teaches us about history and various travel locations.

Reading about other people’s real life experiences can be very exciting and open up the readers’ eyes to cities, events, culture, and ideas they would otherwise not have encountered in their own lives. Angelika Siska has kept a diary of her daily activities for a year, and now shares the pages that are filled with memories and retrospection. She allows us a fascinating insight into her life filled with annual travels from Allgaeu in Germany to Iceland and then on to Kentucky. She then take residence in the Bahamas over winter to return to Germany in spring. The book, however, is more than just a travel diary: the readers also receive the portrait of a family that had to deal with the consequences of World War I and the challenges of an ever changing world.

The diary “Pages of Life” by Angelika Siska offers descriptions of the painter’s artistic process as well as impressions of nature and landscape from Kentucky, the Bahamas, Iceland and the other places the author inhabits throughout the year. It tells about important friendships and family relationships that are kept alive despite long distances. The author shares her thoughts on the politics of the day as well as historical background of the different countries visited. Readers will enjoy the wide variety of topics she talks about and will easily lose themselves within the well written pages.

“Pages of Life” by Angelika Siska is now available from tredition or can alternatively be ordered by using ISBN 978-3-7345-3746-2. The main aim of the tredition publishing house is to provide young and unknown authors with the chance to publish their own books, and to offer cooperations to publishers and book sellers. Tredition publishes books across all media types, distribute them in the book industry, and also actively market books since October 2012.

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