For Fathers in Doubt or Distress, Help Underway with New Courses Offered by Fathers 4 Progress, Inc

In the wake of single parenthood and changing gender roles, it is but natural for today’s fathers to wonder what kind of role model they ought to present to their kids. This Fall, helping them prepare and become the best fathers that they can be is Fathers 4 Progress, Inc run by Julson Fabien, MSW.

Fathers 4 Progress works with parents of Sharon Baptist Head Start and the Bronx community, and in the coming Fall will offer a range of services for male parents that include its weekly continuing education (ESL) classes, job training and placement with partnerships such as S&S Security Training and financial education with Primerica. There will be two new additions as well – the Fatherhood Training Center’s gym space can be availed for the latest exercise and physical training equipment, and a nutritionist will be available for individual and group consultations.

“I plan to be a part of this center. I like that it’s close to home. I can stop in after work before I get home. I’m sure I will be a better father and partner once I unwind,” said a recent parent and community representative.

Mr. Fabien will also conduct a 13-week parent training program, ‘The Nurturing Fathers Program’ which will introduce a curriculum for developing attitudes and skills for male nurturance. The program is based on recent research that reveals how children benefit with positive father involvement, underscoring the fact that children need their fathers and fathers need their children. Participants at these courses will gain insights on topics such as the roots of fathering, nurturing our children and ourselves, discipline without violence, managing anger/resolving conflicts, dealing with feelings and more.

 “Through us, most fathers can carve their own pathway so that a brighter and more stable future will lie ahead for them. The best is yet to come for these fathers, and we will continue to be on standby whenever they need us,” said Julson Fabien, Director of Male Involvement, Fathers 4 Progress, Inc.

Fathers in the new age family and in the wider community often get confused with changing roles, or just feel emasculated and not playing their part in bringing up kids. Fathers 4 Progress offers programs that include training, seminars, mentorships, computer literacy, continuing education and more. In general, they seek to impart fathers the knowledge of the influence they wield in society. They also help fathers with secure jobs, healthy lifestyles, and taking up the role of change agents and providers for their families.

Fathers 4 Progress is an affiliate of Sharon Baptist Head Start, a leading provider of education through day care/preschool for the families in Bronx, New York. It was founded with the aim of educating fathers from all walks of life on strategies that can enhance their awareness of what fatherhood is all about, and acquire skills and proceed further to reach their goals.


Our mission is to empower fathers and all male role models to become strong advocates in the lives of their children, family and community, contributing to the growth and development of each respectively. We also maintain a strong referral and support network, such services make it possible for low income parents to become independent, self-confident, self-sufficient and productive members of the community.

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