New Hydration Method Uses Nano Technology in Energy Drink

Nanohydr8 improves on traditional energy drinks by using nano technology to improve the delivery of nutrients

OREM, UT – 1 Aug, 2017 – Water is used in the human body for many purposes from digestion to absorbing heat from your muscles and dissipating that heat through sweat during workouts. The human body cannot function without regular water intake, when working out additional nutrients can be required to maintain a certain rigor. Nanohydr8 goes beyond “energy drinks” by infusing water with nano nutrients which are quickly, and easily, absorbed by the body. Nanohydr8 can accelerate delivery of necessary nutrients to various parts of the body due to the use of nanotechnology (nutrients are so small they dissolve in water – the base component of the body).

Nano nutrients in Nanohydr8 are absorbed into the body with very little, if any, resistance much like how water is accepted. Nanohydr8 nutrients are dissolved in water giving them protection in the body as they pass through various membranes and other barriers. The result is less nutrients being wasted as they are passed to the areas that need them resulting in better hydration during workouts and heavy sports activity. This means potentially less cramps, less soreness after a rigorous workout, and generally better performance at peak times.

Nanohydr8 begins absorption in the mouth as you are drinking, then the stomach and finally the small intestine where the final stage of absorption occurs. The nutrients in Nanohydr8 are protected against stomach acids and can pass through the wall of the stomach without any processing required by the body – the process of getting necessary nutrients spread throughout the body with minimal waste is accelerated. By eliminating the metabolizing process, Nanohydr8 can deliver more nutrients faster than other energy drinks.

Hydration is important to the human body, not just while exercising but general activity throughout the day. Exercising at the next level requires an energy drink that is at the next level. Nanohydr8 your body and improve your workouts.

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