Oregon Eclipse Traffic Website Launched by CompanionLink

Fast loading website provides printed directions and cached maps in preparation for the day of the Solar Eclipse in Oregon.

PORTLAND, OR – 1 Aug, 2017 – CompanionLink Software has launched Oregon Eclipse Traffic, https://www.oregoneclipsetraffic.com a website to assist visitors and residents during the total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017.  The website features cached traffic maps, selected traffic cameras, and printable “In the Zone” directions for eclipse goers.

“State officials warn we may get one million visitors in Oregon on eclipse day,” says JW Bruns, curator of Oregon Eclipse Traffic. “If the weather is clear, a substantial number of Portland residents will make the short drive into the Eclipse zone.  This number of visitors going to a rural area may overload the cell phone internet that people rely on for traffic information.  So, we are providing written directions, and a zone guide that specifies the exact place you need to be on every road that enters the Eclipse Zone in Oregon.  That way, if people find their phone stops working, and they are on an unfamiliar road, they have a reference to know when they arrive in the total eclipse zone.

Oregon has few multi-lane freeways.  A rule of thumb is that each freeway lane can pass 2,000 cars per hour, and each highway lane can pass 1,400 cars per hour.  Bruns calculates that if weather is clear, as many as 120,000 cars will travel from California, 400,000 from Seattle, and 200,000 from the greater Portland area.  The widest route into the Eclipse zone is I-5 which has three-lanes southbound, and therefore limited to just 6,000 cars per hour.

“The biggest problem is after the Eclipse,” adds Bruns.  “The weekend before the eclipse gives a lot of time for people to enter the Eclipse zone.  However, ODOT polls indicate that half our visitors intend to leave Monday evening after the eclipse. The freeway to California; I-5 at Siskiyou Summit, and to Seattle; I-5 at Castle Rock Washington, are both two-lanes and limited to 4,000 cars per hour.  It may take 30 hours to clear a million visitors even if there are no accidents or breakdowns. Many visitors will have an unexpected extra night outdoors in Oregon before they can leave the area.”

More information is available at https://www.oregoneclipsetraffic.com.

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Company Name: Oregon Eclipse Traffic
Contact Person: JW Bruns
Email: jw@oregoneclipsetraffic.com
Phone: (503)243-3400
Country: United States
Website: www.oregoneclipsetraffic.com