EDCGRIT Budget Everyday Carry Gear for the Prepared

Equipping you with the gear and the knowledge to persevere through everyday challenges. Budget Everyday Carry (EDC) gear store for the prepared.

EDCGRIT is an online store and blog which was founded by Roger, an engineer and Everyday Carry fan. The store has been recently launched in July and is now selling worldwide with its collection of EDC gear, providing free shipping.

Roger is based in Queensland, Australia, where there is no shortage of natural events from bush fires to cyclones. As such, being prepared is not only essential, but recommended by the authorities. Local councils in Queensland recommend every person should have at least 72 hours of supplies and every day carry items in case of an emergency. Everyday carry items should be compact and where possible useful daily and for use in an emergency situation.

EDCGRIT was created to deliver useful information to readers and help strengthen their resolve in the face of adversity, it also offers the best budget EDC gear to ensure you are prepared when disaster strikes. This EDC gear store is not only useful in an emergency situation, but for those who have hands on jobs. EDCGRIT has a range of multi-tools and implements that are designed to be used on a daily basis.

More information about Roger and his journey in creating EDCGRIT can be found on the companies About Us page. And for anyone interested in tactual gear, survival or just being prepared, check out the store and blog here: https://edcgrit.com.

About Us

EDCGRIT is an online Everyday Carry store based in Queensland Australia, which provides a one-stop shop for everything related to everyday carry, including articles, paracord products and multi-tools.

Media Contact
Company Name: EDCGRIT
Contact Person: Roger
Email: team@edcgrit.com
Phone: +61434574285
City: Sunshine Coast
State: QLD
Country: Australia
Website: https://edcgrit.com