Author Roger Willroth Enlightens the Readers on what Absolute Love is

The book that fosters spiritual fortitude and solidifies the meaning of love

With different phases of love, everybody stumbles upon their own definitions and personal or vicarious experiences. Roger Willroth releases, Absolute Love, as he unveils the true essence of love and where it should spring from.

Absolute Love expounds the kind of love that is unbreakable and invincible. All else is relative to Love, created by Love, sustained by Love, defined by Love and ultimately judged by Love. As reviewed on Booksneeze, “I commend the author for writing a book on love where he attempts to engage a wide range of worldviews, and present a compelling vision of who Jesus is. Willroth engages Christians, Jews and Muslims, and welcomes agnostics and atheists to the table to consider his theme. As such he makes use of Christian and Jewish scripture, the Koran, as well as scientific and psychological knowledge. I think this does give this book worth for attempting dialogue, joint inquiry in apologetics a mission.”

Willroth offers a spiritual guide, not in a sermon format, that allows the readers to dig deeper on their spiritual state regardless of religious affiliations or racial background- Christians, Muslims or Jewish. He uses different quotations and resources in order to strengthen his ultimate message: that is to spread love that is absolute.

Reviewers are unanimous with the conclusion that the thesis is engaging and compelling. Willroth appeals to the readers’ faith and magnifies the power of absolute love that branches out peace, loyalty, unity and meaningful existence.  

Rick Warren quotes, “The best use of life is love. The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now.”

Roger Willroth

Absolute Love

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About the Author

ROGER WILLROTH lives in Ames, Iowa. He has been married to Cathy for 40 years. Roger and Cathy have one daughter, Megan. Roger graduated from The University of Northwestern St. Paul in 1978 and from Bethel University Seminary in 1983. Roger enjoys reading and writing, friends, traveling and golf.

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