Dr. Dewey Gardner Shares Spiritual/Bible-Based Books

Two books from a single author for the readers’ spiritual awakening, fortitude and quest for
answers of life, faith, and salvation

Dr. Dewey Gardner or fondly called, “Brother Bud,” shares two books under Toplink Publishing and Marketing Firm to reach out to the global readers in a bigger scale.

What on Earth is God Doing for Heavens’ Sake is his republished work which talks about the lives of father and son: Sam and John as they face the loss of their love one (wife/mother). Though set in a fictional setting, Brother Bud takes the readers to a very relatable question: “What are we here for?”  Readers can associate their feelings of losing the ones they truly care about and what it’s like to live without them. Brother Bud provides answers, clear narratives and scripture references about God’s plan and human’s purpose. Like the child, John, readers are drawn to the explanations and clarity which Brother Bud conveys in the most comprehensible manner. One Amazon reviewer comments, “The author did a great job of portraying Jesus as the light in dark situations.”

Brother Bud also releases, Bringing Sons to Glory. This book is rich with thought-provoking and spirit-nourishing questions such as, Why did God create man fallible? Why is Satan allowed on Earth? Why must Jesus reign on Earth? What’s God’s original purpose? These are some of the questions that Brother Bud thoroughly discuss and equip his statements with bible-based facts and justifications. Readers are guided to seek the truth that lead to their salvation. Brother Bud formulated the questions before anybody dares to ask. And this sets his work apart from other spiritual books because he supports each notion with details and expounds in the way that even those who are not biblically well-versed can connect and fathom the true meaning.

These books aim to solidify one’s faith and ward off the spiritual dilemmas. Brother Bud is the readers’ buddy in one’s roadmap to enlightenment.

Dr. Dewey Gardner

What on Earth is God Doing for Heavens’ Sake

Bringing Sons to Glory

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About the Author

“Brother Bud” was born in Mississippi in 1931 into a loving family of ten children, humble parents, and wonderful fellowship. He entered the Pastoral Ministry in 1958 after experiencing a life changing encounter with the Lord, Jesus Christ. Brother Bud received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from East Texas Baptist College in 1960 and received Masters and Doctor of Ministries Degree from Logos Bible College. He served as a Pastor over Baptist churches in Texas and Mississippi.

In 1981, he began Faith Outreach Center International in San Antonio, Texas as a training center to equip the saints for the work of ministry. He had ministered in many different countries including Mexico, Canada, India, China, Philippines, Costa Rico, El Salvador, Honduras, and

Columbia, S.A. In 2001, FOCI was transferred to one of his sons in the ministry. Brother Bud continues as a father to men and women who have a heart for God.

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