Donald Averill Ventures into Astronomy with 8th Novel

Be ready to embark on a journey far away from Earth, beyond Neptune, and into a doughnut shaped ring called the Kuiper Belt

Readers need to buckle up as author Donald Averill takes everyone to a journey to the outer rim of the solar system with his first science fiction novel, The Kuiper Belt Deception.  

It is the year 2080 and the International Space Agency is on to another epic space experiment with humanity. Four couples are trapped in a complex built inside a small ball of ice about five billion miles from Earth. Determined to return to their homes, the eight young astronauts devise plans to escape without help from the agency. Yet, when everything seems set, they soon discover the painful truth of betrayal from the people they always trusted. Soon, the four female astronauts become pregnant and give birth in space. Two of the four children are found to have extraordinary abilities which could be beneficial to the human race. Could these children be the passes they need to return to Earth? Or will they be another pair of guinea pigs for more space explorations?

The Kuiper Belt Deception is an interesting tail of futuristic time travel that mirrors both the effectiveness and the lethargy of science to the human race. It centers on the question of how far science would go in the name of experiments and the allure of space explorations.

Donald F. Averill, who wanted to become an astronaut in his younger days, finds science fiction and space travel subjects close to his heart. Both offer the capacity for complexity, creativity, and imagination- all of which can be found in this highly-intellectual and action-packed novel. Every page of the book transport readers to another time, another place, and to an entirely different world. It’s the kind of genre that lets anyone unplug from the real world and enter a wholly new universe where the only limitation is one’s own imagination.

Now that Averill has returned to the realm of astronomy, which he really enjoys doing, a sequel for Kuiper belt is already planned.

Donald F.  Averill

The Kuiper Belt Deception

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Donald F. Averill grew up in Ritzville, a small town in eastern Washington. He earned a PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1978.  He wanted to become an astronomer, but because of diabetes and developing eye problems, he changed course and became a professor of analytical chemistry, teaching chemistry at Eastern New Mexico University for twenty-four years. He retired in 2002 and moved to Oregon. He began writing short stories for his own pleasure, but after some of his readers urged him to publish, his first book appeared in 2012. To date, he has published seven books and also the author of two short story collections: Glacier Fires and Ornaments of Value and Missing Notes, Hidden Talents, and other Stories. Averill now lives in Troutdale, Oregon.

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