Hans J. Hanson Shares a New Book

A must-have for parents to know the critical information to navigate the complex recruiting process to playing and choosing college sports

As the author of Dissecting the Big Business of College, Hans J. Hanson knows there are so much more that students and parents should be educated about. Now, here comes his new book dedicated to parents who need advanced knowledge in the area of college sports recruitment,The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports: What Every Mom and Dad Should Know.

The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports offers practical guide and steps for every mother and dad as well as the students alike to understand the recruiting process in the world of college athletics. As this plays a significant role in their chosen field, Hans designed and arranged his professional tips/pieces of advice from start to finish. This book provides the methodologies, scholarships, policies, terms, and rules for college sports effectively. Written in clear and simple formats, parents will also learn the CollegeLogic ten-step process, known to achieve desired results.

As reviewed on Goodreads,This book is so helpful. To parents like me with a high schooler, this 164-page-book is a must-have.”

Hans J. Hanson

The Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports: What Every Mom and Dad Should Know

Dissecting the Big Business of College

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About the Author

Hans J. Hanson is the founder of CollegeLogic, a business that gives students and parents guidance on the complex college recruitment process. Hanson has been helping students play college athletics and parents save on college costs. He is an accomplished author, speaker, mentor, and expert advisor. He has also written the book Be a Recruited Athlete—The Secret to College Recruiting: What Every Mom and Dad Should Know.

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