Celebrating the Establishment of the China-Pakistan Cross-border Industrial Alliance

The China-Pakistan Cross-border Industry Alliance was established in Beijing on July 28, 2017 under the leadership of the Smart Logistics branch of the China Information Association supervised by the National Development and Reform Commission and Fisher Logistics Group. The launch brought together unincorporated social enterprises and institutions in the fields of economics, science and technology, cultural cross-border trade, China-Pakistan customs clearance, intelligent logistics and cross-border supply chain management.


With the aim to consolidate business consensus, integrate industry resources, remove trade bottlenecks, optimize the industry environment, and promote healthy  cross-border trade and innovative development between China and Pakistan, the Alliance endorses the national  “One Belt, One Road” policy. The Alliance seeks to utilize resources, favorable customs clearance procedures, smart logistics and supply chain finance to support a breakthrough in the development of China-Pakistan trade.

At a recent assembly, Chairman of the Alliance, Yu Ming Kun of Fisher Logistics Technology Group announced the establishment of the Alliance. Mr. Yu explained the objectives of the Alliance as a part of “One Belt, One Road” to facilitate peaceful development  and a relationship of co-operation, co-building and sharing between countries. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has also endorsed the development of a China-Pakistan economic partnership as a flagship project. The Alliance follows the roadmap of the “One Belt, One Road” policy to promote the interconnection of economic cooperation between China and Pakistan in the form of Cross-border Industry Alliance. The Alliance will build a cross-border trade platform supporting the reciprocal trade of China and Pakistan’s high quality products and to help enterprises solve any  logistical problems. The Alliance will be the trusted guide for China and Pakistan cross-border trade!

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