Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd announces the vending of dock bollards and fenders

Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd specializes in customized manufacturing and supplying an assortment of mooring bollards and dock fenders that finds extensive applications in ports, jetties, and docks throughout the world.

Marine bollards and bitts are indispensable when it comes to securely mooring different types of seaborne vessels next to jetties, quays, wharves, and docks in harbors or ports in a cost-efficient and simple way. Bollards are available in variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles, each having its distinct mooring capacity. On the other hand, fenders come handy for protecting the hulls of vessels and preventing them from getting dented or damaged while berthing alongside jetties and dolphins of ports. Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd is a leading producer and supplier of an array of bollards and fenders that are used in seaports and harbors all over the world, including Tee Head Bollard. The company has garnered extensive manufacturing experience as it has been producing the aforementioned products for many years now.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd by virtue of its focusing on the fabrication of dock and wharves safeguarding products since its inception has acquired a high degree of specialization. The enterprise, over the years has been able to develop its infrastructure and employ skilled professionals/technicians for crafting bespoke pillar head bollard and cell fender. The varied range of fenders and bitts that Yantai manufactures and supplies, are incredibly durable, offering total protection to portsides of vessels as well as to berthing docks in harbors and havens. At the same time, the products are competitively priced with the costs being lower and/or comparable with similar wares manufactured by competitors.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd announces the vending of dock bollards and fenders

The Yantai-based enterprise makes fenders and bollards that can be grouped under distinct categories of which element fenders are one particular grouping. Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd fabricates cell fenders, cone fenders, arch fenders, pneumatic fenders, cylindrical fenders, D fenders, DO wing fenders, foam fenders, square fenders, wheel fenders, and frontal panel fenders. Alternatively, the firm makes and retails maritime mooring bollards including but not limited to horn bollards, pillar head bollards and tee head bollards. The bollards are crafted using cast steel, cast iron, and spheroidal graphite cast iron, as per design specifications prescribed by the customer. The immaculate design profile of the bollards enable the ships, ferries, yachts and other seafaring vessels to berth at quaysides of harbors at precise docking angles.

To elucidate on the cell fender, this type of fender is carved out from tempered rubber material with a high tensile strength, imparting to the product an extraordinary capacity to withstand shocks and impacts. The cell fenders which are manufactured in different standardized sizes with heights varying between 400H and 3000H are extremely performance oriented. These fenders are extensively used in container and bulk terminals for tethering large ships and liners on their portsides. Cell fenders are also mounted on LNG terminals, offshore oil rigs and platforms. Yantai is also a specialist manufacturer of dock capstans, quick release hooks, and anchoring chains.

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Yantai Defender Maritime Co,Ltd is an established enterprise based in Yantai city in China’s Shandong province specializing in the production of bollards and fenders.

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