SkyRadar – a new generation of training radars for air traffic control and universities

Physicist Eric Moskwa and scientist Dr. Ulrich Scholten, founded Sky Radar in 2008 with the intent of developing and manufacturing fully operational radar systems for training and educational purposes in response to technical, budgetary and pedagogical requirements set forth by aviation academies and universities. With headquarters in Germany, France and Bulgaria, this European consortium also provides free e-Learning and academic publications through its extensive knowledge portal.

SkyRadar’s Steady Progress

During SkyRadar’s first year, its founders experimented with close-range and low radiation radars, which led to its first operational radar being produced in October 2008. This radar featured both A-Scope and B-Scope functionality. In 2009, additional enhancements were added including plan position indicator (PPI)-scope functionality and main filter functions, including sensitivity time control (STC).

By 2013, SkyRadar decoupled radars and scopes to reduce costs and to gain more scope maneuverability for pedagogical optimization. From 2013, students are able to operate scopes, filters or amplifiers independently as low radiation radars relay Q/I signal messages to browser-enabled scopes.

Keeping with their commitment toward cost reduction, SkyRadar began distributing its radar visualization software free of charge in 2014. The consortium implemented its message-queue based server that provided the ability to connect numerous concurrent users. During that year, SkyRadar’s knowledge portal went live and continues to feature free e-learning and access to academic publications.

SkyRadar patented the core functionalities of its technology used for its primary surveillance radar with the European and US Patent Office in 2015.

SkyRadar Modular Radar Training System

The current incarnation of SkyRadar’s modular radar training system is a cost-effective, close-range and high-resolution radar suite. This system is a joint effort between experts in the fields of radar development, ATC, military training, in addition to education and university research. It is a real functioning radar system that is suitable for training purposes with transversal electromagnetic waves that operate at a carrier signal of 24Ghz. This system includes numerous modes including CW, Pulse, FMCW, FSK, MTD and SAR Modes. SkyRadar’s system is not a simulator but a real, fully operational small range radar. It can be operated safely both in training laboratory environments and outdoors.

These systems can be used both indoors and out. Descriptive technical documents are provided for software and hardware.

SkyRadar’s Knowledge Portal

In addition to developing equipment, SkyRadar provides access to its software, e-Learning and academic publications through its knowledge portal. The e-Learning content is provided through a cooperative efforts with the Fraunhofer Institute. Academic publications and radar research that have been published in the past 3 years are provided in a special research section.


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