Regency Capital Advisors, LLC a regulated corporate finance and investment company based in Cerritos, CA is proving to be the best investment and corporate advisor in the state  by providing a specialized, multidisciplinary advisory and consulting service to corporations, small-medium size enterprises, corporate executives and non-profit organizations. The company provides investment opportunities and also conducts security analysis to ensure the safety of their clients.

Regency Capital Advisors, which is also the parent company of multiple businesses in a myriad of industries has an objective to organize and develop investment strategies for institutional management and also advise corporate organizations on how to drive efficiencies which will differentiate and strongly position them to deliver value added services to their clients.

As part of the services the company offers, protection of client’ interests as well as Regency Capital Intellectual Property, is of paramount importance to the organization which is why the company delivers a mutual non-disclose, non-compete and non-circumvent agreement to be signed by the company’s representatives and their clients. Also, clients are required to complete a comprehensive KYC/CIS package as well as providing details relating to the type and nature of the transaction to be undertaken. This is done to comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Due Diligence and commitment are also key factors on which the integrity of the company is built. All parties involved in any business transactions with Regency Capital Advisors will be subjected to a due diligence process in order to comply with any Anti-Money Laundering or other regulatory body demands and also to protect the interests of all parties involved in any transaction.

A recently concluded analysis on the United States economy shows a decline in the growth and profitability of corporate organization in the country. One of the reasons attributed to this decline is the inadequacy of multidisciplinary advisory organizations and it was recommended that organizations should strengthen their business link by consulting expert investment and advisory groups to scale up their business acumen. Regency Capital Advisors provides expert advice on the formation of captive insurance companies, bonds and sophisticated real estate transactions.

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