CHiWAO: New Multi-Service Unified Communication Platform Unites Buyers and Sellers

New Jersey, US – Kolk Group, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of CHiWAO, a new communication platform for businesses and consumers that enables communication, conversations, collaboration, file storage, live sharing and more.

“CHiWAO allows you to simplify the process of buying products and accelerate interactions between customers and partners,” the team explains, “The platform allows you to attract new customers and retain previous ones, and significantly increase sales. CHiWAO will unite all buyers and sellers, including B2B and B2C market segments.”

CHiWAO is great because it offers the convenience of two messenger services in one: one messenger for business and one for personal communication. The platform will offer unrivaled communication services including free audio video calling, text chat, group chat, as well as audio and visual conferences. These services will make it easier for teams and partners to collaborate with customers and with each other.

In addition to messenger services, CHiWAO also makes it easy for users to use Cloud storage, share and manage files, and open virtually and type of file with its integrated media player. The platform allows users to view or broadcast any content on any device, making it extremely convenient for teams to connect with each other and customers to connect with businesses.

All this access allows you to seamlessly connect your store with the internet and gives customers direct access to your sellers and support team via phone or the web using any device. CHiWAO’s Live web portal can be used in endless ways, including as a platform for broadcasting live events and shows, like football games.

“We are ready to fulfill orders for large Internet portals in the field of Internet commerce and the provision of travel services, as well as for medium and large corporations, enterprise and healthcare segment, based on the just-in-time method.” said the creator.

For more information, please visit the Kolk Group, Inc. website here or contact the creator below.

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Company Name: Kolk Group, Inc.
Contact Person: Gennady Klemeshev
Country: United States