The Perfect Functional and Decorative Match in 2017 to Prevent Falls: Introducing Cosie Covers to Bedrails.

Problems related to kids falling out of bed in the middle of the night were addressed by introducing bedrails. With the introduction of Cosie Covers, mom and founder, Cori Sinclair, hopes to bring some extra comfort and attractiveness to bed safety.

ORLANDO, FL – 2 Aug, 2017 – This year presented the introduction of Cosie Covers in hopes to improve comfort and increase attractiveness in the world of bed safety.

Where peanut butter has jelly, and french-fries have ketchup, now bedrails have Cosie Covers. CEO and mom to two, the bedrail covers’ first fans, Cori Sinclair, was inspired to start up the bed safety, and home décor, business after having experienced the sight of clashing white bedrails, for far too long in her daughter’s bedroom. What first started off as an idea to spruce up the décor in her kid’s room and make a more comforting sleeping environment, transformed into Cosie Covers. What makes a Cosie Cover extra comfortable for kids is that each bedrail cover is made of the softest material found today and has a pocket on the inside part, the side of the bed, where children can store their favorite night time friends such as teddy bears, blankets, sippy cups, and/or books.

Whether you’re a parent looking for something special for your child’s room, or recently introduced bedrails in your home, after having discovered the dangers of your child falling out of bed while sleeping, Cosie Covers could be an option to make bed safety more fluffy and fabulous. Cosie Covers recognizes that all types of children struggle with falling out of bed, and thus offers a variety of options with regards to bedrail cover styles and colors for not only boys and girls, but gender-neutral options too.

Children are not the only ones who struggle with issues relating to falling out of bed at night. There are adults who also have troubles with enjoying a full night’s slumber. There are even people who have died due to a fall while sleeping in bed. These odds are not as rare as one might think. Chris Jagger of General Health expands:

“Beds, couches and furniture exist in our homes to provide personal comfort and relaxation, but they are associated with death far more often than most would think. Falls are the leading cause of death among people over the age of 65. A person is far more likely to die falling out of bed, a chair, or other furniture at home than traveling on a railway, where the odds are 1 in 225,879.”

Cori Sinclair is the CEO and Founder of Cosie Covers. As the mother of two beautiful little girls, I take a lot of pride in what their rooms look like. I spent a lot of time decorating their rooms to little princess perfection. When my oldest daughter moved from her crib into her “big kid” bed we bought a bed rail to keep her safe while asleep. For years I stared at her UGLY bed rail! Then one day, as we were reading books in her bed I thought “Hmmm, I wonder if there is anything out there that will cover up this eyesore,” but it didn’t exist! That is how Cosie Covers began!

I set out to create something to make my daughter’s room beautiful again, but I also wanted it to be fun for her. So I made sure the fabric was ultra-soft and added a pocket on the inside. I knew I was on to something when my daughter started putting all of her little friends (toys) and books inside the pocket. I knew if she loved it, other kids would too and so would their parents! It is now the #1 Fitted Childrens Bed Rail Cover that is made in the USA.

Although Cosie Covers is not affiliated with any specific bed rail manufacturing company, the bedrail covers are designed to fit rectangular swing down bed rails. The swing down bed rails that are most popularly associated with Cosie Covers consumers is that of the Regalo Swing Down Bedrails, Homesafe, Dex Baby, and Summer Infant.

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