Helmet mounted emergency information SD Card-med-chip

TACOMA, WA – 2 Aug, 2017 – “Man why didn’t I think of that?” Another simple idea that is going big.

You always wonder how people come up with those great ideas that just seem to catch on.  The med-chip is just one of those ideas a simple idea to take emergency information in the form of an SD Card and mount it to a helmet.  You ask yourself; “How do people come up with this stuff?”  Well for Jonathan Loomis it was a matter of witnessing and seeing a need.

While riding his quad at a motorsports race track Jonathan became friends with a young man his age who parked his truck and motorbike next to his.  As the day progressed they became friends by first name only.  Then later in the afternoon Jonathan’s friend crashed his bike while making a jump off one of the high mounds on the track.  As the young man laid there on the ground convulsing, people asked each other “Does anybody know this person?” and nobody answered.  He arrived at the track by himself, just as Jonathan did, and he locked his personal information in his truck where no one could get at it.  Emergency help arrived and still the young man had not regained consciousness and was in serious need of help.  They rushed him to the hospital and nobody knows what became of him.

Jonathan thought, “There but for the grace of God go I.” and the incident would not leave his mind.  After considerable thought and some research he came up with the idea to take a common SD Card and mount it to a helmet with a secure container that would withstand a collision or weather like a “GoPro” and the med-chip was brought to life.  The possibilities for the med-chip grew from there, used by motorcyclist, bicyclist, especially for kids or any sport that requires a helmet and for industrial use as well, and could be instrumental in saving lives. 

The story of the med-chip is just beginning with the “Kickstarter” introduction.  Over the next few months the med-chip idea is certainly bound for success.

“Kickstarter” project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hero-sports/helmet-mounted-emergency-alert-chip-0

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