The Next Evolution of Business Coaching Has Begun

QLD, Australia – An individual tends to associate the term coach with sports. It generally represents the person who is involved in the instruction and training of a team. Actually, the term can be associated with a number of people and professions such as fitness, teaching, or business. As strange as it sounds, business coaching is a growing phenomenon across the world thanks to Tim Stokes with Profit Transformations.

For those who are unfamiliar, Tim Stokes has been in business for himself for 34 years. In that time, he has owned 7 successful businesses, had rogue employees steal his tools and equipment, and business partners who have done wrong. With that being said, Tim Stokes knows first-hand how difficult it can be to manage and grow a business and started Profit Transformations. The company got the name from its achievements and clients’ feedback.

Not only does his training regime benefit the company but the business owner’s life as well. MrStokes wants to see business owners enjoying their life with family and friends as well as maintaining a profitable business. His passion has fueled his success and he continues to change thousands of lives each and every year.

Traditionally in a business setting, the boss assumes the responsibility of managing, leading and inspiring their employees. Reflection of poor execution by management is reflected in the company and its losses. As a result, more and more companies are investing in business management training to receive the results they anticipate, often way better than traditional business coaching.

Choosing a business coach is similar to choosing a candidate to fill a position within a company. Employers want to consider the level and quality of results they are looking for. For example, Candidate A can increase the company’s sales and income which is great, however, Candidate B can improve a company’s net profit without more marketing, which is even better because profit is the money a company has made after expenses. Higher profit pays for extra employees to free up the owner’s time and much more.  

Thus, when evaluating these candidates side by side, a wise company director will consider their achievements. This same concept can be applied when choosing a business coach to assist in growing the business. If you want more sales a business coach may be for you, but if you want more profit, cash in the bank and more freedom management training may be your better choice. For those interested in learning more about business management training, they are encouraged to contact Tim Stokes for more information. 

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