Automatic Driving Lessons are Easier than Learning to Drive in a Manual Transmission Car

London, United Kingdom – There tends to be a negative stigma towards young adults as they prepare to obtain their license. Legal guardians anticipate an increase in insurance whereas authorities anticipate reckless driving as inspired by the infamous Paul Walker and his crew in the Fast and Furious franchise. Regardless of an individual’s age and media influences, obtaining a driver’s license is a milestone that should be celebrated as individual gains a new sense of independence.

Before confetti is tossed and keys are passed, an individual needs to learn how to properly operate a vehicle. Adolescents who excel in driving simulation games such as Mario Kart believe those skills will transfer when they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, even though there is debris on the road and additional hazards, there are no mystery cubes floating throughout to give drivers an advantage over the driver next to them. This among other myths and beliefs will be clarified by the reality of operating a vehicle during instruction at Automatic Driving schools in Barnet.

Speaking of instruction, parents continue to teach their children how to operate a vehicle because it is cheaper, convenient and because they know how to drive. In reality, most parents acquire bad driving habits over the years such as not using their blinker to signal when they are changing lanes or making a complete stop at an intersection and as a result, these bad habits are being taught to new drivers. In addition, convenience comes and go as schedules conflict at work and other priorities in individuals as personal life.

With these factors brought into consideration, it is best to attend QVG Driving School and receive their automatic driving lessons in Barnet. Those who receive lessons from the automatic driving instructors in Barnet are more likely to pass their exams than those who do not. The school focuses on an automatic transmission in comparison to a manual which requires fewer lessons.

In addition, the school’s terms and conditions are designed to give their students the best learning experience possible, eliminating tension and stress, resulting in safer drivers. For those who are interested in obtaining their license in a safe learning environment, they are encouraged to contact the instructors at QVG Driving School!

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