Jonckers opens the doors to its San Mateo office to support their growing US customer base

Success stories are always a crowd pleaser, but the road to growing a business isfilled with challenges and pitfalls. Expanding a business internationally can prove even more difficult, as companies adapt to new cultures, languages and surroundings. To be successful globally, companies must learn to climatize and stretch beyond the norm they are used to on home soil.

Known for their world class Translation and Localization Services, Jonckers have helped thousands of companies launch their products and brand onto a global stage. They have been supporting their customers for over two decades and are proud to announce they have recently expanded their US operation, to help support even more businesses in the states and beyond.

Ensuring their clients have everything they need to communicate to an international audienceis at the heart of Jonckers service offering. In most cases speed and flexibility is of the essence, what used to take months now needs to take weeks. The ability to quickly deliver what a client needs, with faster turnaround times, is now more paramount than ever before. Being agile also needs to be combined with greater accuracy, Jonckers customized tech platforms allow them to deliver the standards most companies now demand.

Cutting edge translation technology is nowat the centre of everything Jonckers does. The new office located in San Mateo, in the tech rich mecca known as the Silicon Valley, means that Jonckers are now in the heart of the worlds most productive and progressive technology community, some of which are already high profile clients of theirs.

Jonckers now has a greater opportunity to not only help more businesses but to find new ways that they can advance and improve on their own services. Their customized, in-house developed platforms and systems are already regarded as some of the best in the world and this expansion now gives them a chance to get even better.

The new Business Unit Director for this venture is the experienced Martyna Pakula. She is being promoted from Business Manager and was previously Account and Program Manager.  With her experience, Jonckers are confident of forming even tighter relationships with software and tech companies based in the Bay Area. The opportunities to form new partnerships is now greater than ever before due to this strategic move.

Those who are looking to expand globally and want fast, flexible, accurate translation solutions at any time, can find help with Jonckers. Their years of experience coupled with their outstanding service, guarantees that they’ll be able to help potential clients transition easily from a local business to a global player.  

Visit the Jonckers website to learn more about the services they offer.

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