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Royal Condoms’ flagship luxury flavored and scented condoms.
Royal Condoms’ engage all of your senses in an elegant way. While other condom brands go for gimmicks or textures, we focus on two criteria: long-lasting, delicious flavor and scent. The results? An incredible, game-changing experience.

Royal Condoms is the developer of one-of-a-kind luxury flavored and scented condoms; recently featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as the ‘new brand of luxury contraceptive’. We set out to research, develop and innovate a product that people use on a regular basis and now we’re ready to bring it to the people.

Worldwide condom use is continuing to grow. In the U.S. alone the condom market is poised to surge to $1.56 billion by 2020. However, consumer research shows that young adults are frustrated by the lack of benefit current gimmicks and textures of condoms add to their sexual experience. Female customers were probably the most frustrated of all. Plastic-like textures with a sand-grain feel and the industrial waxy taste and smell of cheap, artificial flavors, were huge turnoffs.

Instead of following the industry trends we painstakingly tested over 3 dozen flavors, textures, and sizes until consumers said, “Yes! We want that.” The result? Long-lasting, delicious velvety Chocolate, sweet Strawberry, rich Coffee, juicy Grape and fresh Natural with premium feel and wear. And, at prices that make sense.

We make sure that everything we give our customers is something that we would use personally. With that in mind, we went straight to the manufacturing site to make sure every condom we design tastes good, smells the way it should, and lasts as long as we would want it to. Each condom is made from the highest-quality natural rubber latex and covered in a premium silky-smooth lubricant. Our FDA approved condoms have outperformed each regulatory safety and reliability testing standard solidifying Royal as an ultra-safe contraceptive.

To-date, Royal Condoms has been featured in publications and media, teamed up with major LGBTQ industry leaders, collaborated with a non-profit to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and sexual health safety, and featured on multiple e-commerce sales platforms reaching consumers across the United States.

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