PDCflow Upping Trade Show Appearances To Bring eSign+ Payments And Other Offerings To Merchants Across The US

OGDEN, Utah – Payment processing software PDCflow has been a pioneer in the online payment solution industry for 14 years. The company has recently bolstered marketing efforts to bring ACH payments, credit card processing and electronic document signing to merchants in the collections and medical billing industries as well as credit unions, hospitals, among others.

However, desiring to serve an even wider audience, further product reach and expand their professional network, PDCflow recently attended the ETA Transact trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada in May of this year.

The representatives of PDCflow, first time attendees of the show, made the most of the opportunity by forging valuable connections with others in the industry. The software company used the event to explore relationships with Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs). Relationships with these organizations will bring the PDCflow brand to merchants in need of quick, easy payment processing solutions. The ETA Transact show was also used to delve into payment card industry regulations and standards with experts at Visa.

About PDCflow:

PDCflow is a leader in payment management software for the accounts receivable industry. They service a wide range of clients such as debt collection agencies, medical billing companies, hospitals, law firms, insurance agencies, and credit unions since 2003. PDCflow’s comprehensive suite of products include e-signatures plus payment solutions that provide an easy consumer experience, allowing businesses to quickly obtain consent with integrated document delivery while processing a payment.

For more information please visit www.pdcflow.com

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