YC Led Lighting Co., Ltd Ltd Supplies a Wide Range Of LED lights For Using in Indoor And Outdoor

YC Led Lighting Co., Ltd has been focusing on manufacturing an assortment of LED lights including but not limited to LED corn light, floodlights, spotlights, and LED G24 PL lights.

LED lights for many years has been giving the traditional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs and tubes a run for their money. It is anticipated that a few years from now, LED lights will fully replace the various conventional forms of indoor and outdoor lights that are used throughout the world. There are various reasons as to why LED lights have become so popular. Firstly, they are very energy efficient which means they consume minimal electrical energy for staying lighted. At the same time, they are produced from components that keep them functioning for years on end. YC Led Lighting Co., Ltd Ltd is a leading manufacturer of an array of LED lights including LED G24 PL lights that are exported to Japan, North America, and Europe.

The product line of YC Led Lighting Co., Ltd include LED PL lamp, LED corn light, LED Tube, LED spotlight, LED floodlight, LED high bay light, and LED tri-proof light. The Shenzhen-based manufacturer is a specialist in producing LED PL lamps. Talking about a type of LED PL lamp, the LED G24PL, it has been specially designed for lighting up the indoors of a large office, factory or showground. This type of lamp can keep on glowing for hours without consistent luminosity without getting overheat as it comes with an excellent heat dissipating functionality. It lights up instantly, does not blink, and is resistant to breaking up or getting damaged on impact. This LED light can be used in place of CFL lamp.、

YC Led Lighting Co., Ltd Ltd Supplies a Wide Range Of LED lights For Using in Indoor And Outdoor

Then there’s another superior product from the stable of YC LED Lighting-the G24 Corn Light. This sort of LED light finds widespread application in supermarkets, shopping malls, large exhibition areas, frontage showcases of retail shops and outlets, and so on. There are several benefits to using the corn light; it is antiglare, it has a high level of brightness which implies that it thoroughly illuminates the surrounding area where it is installed. At the same time, it has a low attenuation rate and lasts for years on end. The heat sink of this specific LED light has been fashioned out of premium quality of aluminum and the chassis or body has been carved out of environmental-friendly plastic material. The light lens with a high diffusion factor is highly resistant to flame and temperatures up to 130 degrees centigrade.

YC LED is also a specialist when it comes to manufacturing LED floodlight. The floodlights’ chassis has been die-casted out of pure aluminum and Philips 3030 LED chip has been embedded inside. These outdoor lights are fully waterproof and the waterproof grading is IP65 and have a lifespan of 35,000 hours. There is no UV or IR radiation and the lightings are extremely energy-efficient as well as eco-friendly. These floodlights are mainly used in hotels, parks, factories, and gardens and other areas for outdoor illumination.

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YC Led Lighting Co., Ltd situated in Haosheng Industrial Park in Shenzhen City is an established manufacturer of an extensive range of LED lights.

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