Author David Kucera Crafts a Charming Tale for Young Readers

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An adventure book that promises excitement for middle-grade readers and fantasy lovers.

Meet Bennett, a thirteen year-old prince who is so eager to experience adventure beyond the fortitude of the palace walls and prove his mettle as a prince.  He convinces his parents to join an expedition to protect his fathers peaceful kingdom from lawless bandits and the evil cavern-dwelling Edu who emerges at night to eat humans. 

In the fantasy adventure novel, Bennett Prince of Ziemia, author David Kucera entertain young minds and transport them into a magical land with the age-old battle of good versus evil.

Along Bennetts journey, he meets the daring and intriguing young lady Melissa who captures his time and interest. Will the lady also capture his young heart? Readers should follow the exciting and perilous adventure of Bennett and Melissa in their quest to retrieve the Zoldox, a sacred talisman that keeps the Edu away from humans.

Bennett Prince of Ziemia has the elements of an engaging and appealing fantasy story- a spoiled prince, a beautiful maiden, bandits, monsters, and magic. The story is fast pacing that young readers will not be bored with every page. Each chapter builds a forward momentum, keeping the interest level and anticipation high. The chapters unload valuable information that portrays the novels magical world, the characters, and their adventures in a persuasive way. Young readers can also learn life lessons from the young Princes reliance on logical thinking rather than violence in making decisions over his and Melissas predicaments. Indeed, a clever mind is more powerful than a sharp sword.

Fantasy readers will be amazed at the way Kucera creates colorful descriptions and utilizes genuine biology in introducing his characters.Kucera builds a charming tale that would entice middle-grade and classical fantasy readers alike, according to one review.

The storys ending can be the end of Bennett and Melissas adventures or it can be a foreshadow of a sequel that promises room for another escapade.

David Kucera

Bennett Prince of Ziemia

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About the Author: 

David J. Kucera is a graduate of Wayne State College, where he earned his degree in Bachelor of Science major in Biology. He seems to be surrounded with youth all his life, as a Boy Scout and Girl Scout leader and a father of eight and grandfather of fourteen. His experiences with his children and grandchildren have inspired him to write novels that would be of interest to the young minds. He has also given important and knowledgeable talks to young people in schools and science fairs.

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