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LEARNING; do you feel the need to upgrade your knowledge of the English Language? Then, this virtual CLASS is just for you. SCHOOOL: English on the Go is an English Language Teaching and Learning App that leverages social features of mobile devices to provide an ideal platform for English language teachers and students who want to connect and interact with other friends on the globe. SCHOOOL: English on the Go, now, adds another significant function called “CLASS” to its existing mobile service.

About the Virtual Class

The virtual class is made available to suit the need of everyone at the same time; helping them achieve their long term goals of becoming an expert in English Language. This of course happens with the mobile app; where teachers and students alike can interact and learn with the mobile app without having to go to school. The user of this App can create several classes as it suits their needs. They can set goals and invite friends to study together, this is important because, people tend to learn faster when they learn together.

This class will also have an effective feedback forum where students can send photos, videos, sounds, and emoticons. The class will help make the world a global village, as you can interact with any other user on the mobile App.  “The new functions CLASS provides ‘Roll Book’ that checks class member’s attendance and ‘Report’ that describes and access class member’s activities”

About English on the Go

This App was created by the founder of English On The Go, Mark Kim. He achieved this feat with the help of five other team members who are also developers and executives.The App makes learning more convenient, it also helps to link English teachers and students around the globe. With the App, English teachers and learners can interact with others wherever they are, it will help them to ask questions and get responses from other users who have knowledge of them. The App provides a perfect platform for both English teachers and learners. The App also allows for chatting with the chatting bot which is called “Lingobot”. You can also create your own mobile Notebook of English learning on the app. With this function, you can collect and archive your own English phrases and expressions on the Notebook that you can easily access from your smart phone.

Free download from iOS iTunes Store and Android Google Play.

Mark Kim, CEO and Founder of SCHOOOL: English On The Go says “I have been in the education industry for a long time, especially in the field of teaching English. I have also consistently pursued the goal to change the ways of teaching and foreign language learning and have made attempts to give its methods the benefits of cutting edge technology. I want SCHOOOL: English On The Go to serve as an English education platform, growing with the active participation of many general users as well as English lecturers around the world. I have the complete version, which enables teachers to easily post their lectures on their smartphone, allow students to post questions and to answer other people, and share their English expressions with the world. It is the world’s first English-teaching-and-learning application that uses social features. I would like to see the IT penetrate the world of education and help billions of people who study English to improve their language skills. Thank you very much.

Media Contact
Company Name: SCHOOOL: English on the Go
Contact Person: Mark Kim
Email: mark@engonthego.com
Phone: +1 778 387 4394
Address:4 – 5801 Yonge St.
City: North York
State: ON, M2M 3T9
Country: Canada
Website: www.engonthego.com/