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LOS ANGELES, CA – 3 Aug, 2017 – Corner protectors, corner guards, or corner cushions are necessary components in an individual’s home. It is said you never know how dangerous tables and edged furnitures can be until there is a toddler in your home. During the stage babies first attempt to walk, they always seem to stumble upon something, no matter how overprotective their parents can be. However, as a new parent, it is advisable not to panic thinking about all the pointed coffee tables lying around in the room. The best approach is to install the necessary precautions. Corners covers are a wise move towards ensuring the safety of your children. Our corner covers provide the ultimate protection for both children and adults. Designed from the best quality material, the product prevents painful bumps and injuries for kids, just in case they accidentally crash on them. Additionally, TEEHOME brands contain ball shaped corners coated with Matte finish. 

The corner covers are flexible and adaptable with most furnitures that are right angled. Its users are reported to provide positive results mostly in the use of babyproofing corner guards. Occasionally, parents tend to ignore babyspoofs due to their appearance that tends to ruin the look of their furniture. Nevertheless, no parent wants to be called careless and selfish or even regret later if any avoidable accidents happen. For this reason, no matter how less appealing they may look, majority end up putting up with them other than risking their kids well-being. Luckily, with the latest technology and an extensive research, TEEHOME paid a keen interest in their clients’ needs and released a product that does no compromise both the parents and their baby’s needs. 

The products modern design and unique style provides the glass protectors with a more appealing look more so from the huge collection of colors they offer. Additionally, the installation and the removing process are quite simple. Further, the PVC used to make the corner covers is medically proven non-toxic to ensure the child’s safety. Price rating of the corner cover is relatively low, considering the quality the product offers. Due to the products rounded shape, cleaning is quite simple since only polishing the surface with a clean material is required. Better news is that the product can be used not only as a babyproof but also to protect other surfaces from scratch and damage. Incase moving the furniture is required corner covers provide the best protection to sensitive areas. The incorporation of the product’s latest upgrades evenly spreads the energy on impact therefore preventing damage to the material.

There is no doubt these corner covers have more advantages in your home more so on the protection guarantee it provides to new parents. One special feature in the corner covers is the ability to deliver high durability and double protection that guarantee a long time service. Additionally, clear corner covers provide a unique feature that not unless you touch on the corners you will never realize the plastic corner covers are actually there.

TEEHOME Corner Covers is available online at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072Z9RBLK/

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