New App Takes The Instagram Experience To The Next Level – Rocketing

3…2…1… Blast Off! Launch Your Instagram experience to the next level with Rocketing

A new exciting app has been launched on iTunes that is set to bring people a whole new and fun experience. Rocketing, which has become one of the most talked about new apps of 2017, invites Instagrammers to discover trending PEOPLE + PLACES + PARTIES anywhere in the world with our new app!

“Rocketing is like Instagram meets Snapchat, only better!” – Lexie (trust us, she’s cool)

The App is simple to use according to a spokesman for Rocketing. Just log in with Instagram and geo tagged photos/videos are brought to you at lightspeed. The hottest photos with the most Rocket Fuel become trending places on the map, making it easy for you to find your next adventure. But look out! Rocket Fuel will eventually burn out after 24 hours, and when your fuel disappears, so does your post. It’s gone forever, which means you always see the most relevant posts.

Whether looking for the hottest stage at a music festival or which downtown bar has the best crowd, Rocketing keeps you in the moment and on the go.


“During my first adventure at Coachella, I wished there was a cool way to see the most popular photos from the Coachella community,” says Ryan Grainger, head of Team Rocket, a small group of San Diegans who created the app as a way capture and share photos of their favorite experiences. “Our Coachella experience inspired us to create Rocketing so people could discover and share the most exciting moments happening nearby.”


Get more Instagram followers and follow awesome people directly from Rocketing!

Turn social media into a game as you compete for fame and glory!

Fuel up and launch yourself to the top of your local leaderboard for a chance to win weekly prizes and exclusive access to Rocketing parties! Rocketing has now officially launched!

Check it out with this link: Rocketing for Instagram

Media Contact
Company Name: Rocket Apps, Inc.
Contact Person: Ryan Grainger
Country: United States