Leisure Realm Offers Advice on Choosing the Right Bicycle Bag

UNITED STATES – 4 Aug, 2017 – A few common sense ideas to think about regarding your bike bag when you go cycling

Leisure Realm, the UK based company, has issued some straight- forward tips that cyclists might like to deliberate over before embarking on a journey.

The focus of the suggestions is about the usable storage available to cyclists when traveling.

Andy Lunt, sales director for Leisure Realm, stated “We thought that making some suggestions to cyclists about storage would be a good idea.  We decided to give a few tips that, if you stop to analyse them, are really just plain and simple common sense”.

He continued, “The reality is however, that the majority of us tend not to think about much of the obvious requirements when going cycling. We are so enthusiastic about the thought of getting out and about, whether it’s getting from A to B or simply enjoying the fresh air, that it’s only half way through the journey that on occasions the lack of forethought comes back to bite us”.

The company has particularly focused the ideas on the type of bag that are used by cyclists. Leisure Realm makes the following suggestions:

1. For longer journeys use larger bags

For a long journey a larger bag is required. Requirements are perhaps a larger saddle bag, a back pannier type bag, a reasonably large sized bag that attaches to the handlebars or frame or indeed a bag that is simply a rucksack strapped to the cyclists back.

Provisions are needed for long journeys. You may need drinks and food, as well as emergency repair kits and assorted tools. Other items such as sunglasses, sun creams, raincoats and of course essentials like wallets and cell phones all take up a whole heap of space.

2. For shorter journeys a small bags might be ideal.

As long as you know that the weather will be fair, a small bag should be all you need. A rear saddle bag is the best option as it is out of the way whilst cycling. If immediate access to a cell phone may be needed then you should consider the handlebar bag option.

3. Use a bag that is easy to use in every sense

Short or long journeys are all alike here. Just ensure that if you need to access your bag quickly that you can do so. Also make sure it is easy to remove quickly if you need to take your bag with you on leaving the bike.

4. Always go for a bag that is water-resistant.

There is nothing worse than being caught in a downpour and then finding that the contents of your bag are saturated. This would be a pain at best, perhaps expensive if it’s your Smart phone that’s damaged.

Leisure Realm has designed their “Cool Rider” range of saddle bags with these issues in mind.

Compact and stylish, they are very easy to attach, remove and access making them perfect for short journeys. The bags are available in vibrant green and lustrous black and are perfect for cyclists who want to be a little bit different.

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