Sustaining the Future, one Exotic Filament at a Time

Ultimate 3D Printing Store partners with 3DomFuel LLC to bring one-of-a-kind 3D printing filaments to Florida’s additive manufacturing industry

ODESSA, FL – 4 Aug, 2017 – Ultimate 3D printing Store is bringing an eco-friendly manufacturing revolution to Florida.

The Pasco County-based tech company, a recognized expert in 3D additive manufacturing, is using its new partnership with 3DomFuel LLC to introduce clients across the Southeast to the most exotic, and functional, printing filaments currently available.

The 3D-Fuel filament line represents the globally-conscious marriage of sustainability and functionality with a focus on diminishing landfill waste and finding new ways to utilize the planet’s natural resources.

It’s the latest feather in the cap of Roy Kirchner, founder and president of Ultimate 3D Printing Store, following recent reseller agreements with 3D printing industry leaders Type A Machines, Ultimaker, and German RepRap.

“Roy understands the 3D printing market incredibly well,” said Matthew Stegall, chief executive officer of 3DomFuel LLC, and founder of 3D-Fuel. “He understands that the material can make or break your experience with a printer.”

3DomFuel’s arsenal of 30 exotic filaments continues to grow, and now includes materials made from coffee, hemp, beer and landfill byproducts. These specialty materials are produced by the company’s compound partner C2Renew, which specializes in finding innovative uses for waste and byproducts.

Land Fill filament, for instance, is packaged in a 1.1-pound spool and is made from refuse that has been processed by utility companies and typically would end up in a landfill. By keeping that waste out of a landfill, Stegall said each spool helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to removing a vehicle from the highway for 1.2 miles.

The company also just launched HydroSupport, a water-soluble filament that is all-natural, non-toxic and prints like standard PLA with a bonus: Unlike other water-soluble filaments, HydroSupport takes just 30 minutes to fully detach once submerged. Next up, Stegall said, is lava filament made from the mineral-rich soil found at Hawaiian volcanoes.

“3DomFuel is revolutionizing how we think of 3D printing filament,” Kirchner said. “We are excited to take these products to our manufacturing clients because not only are they some of the strongest printable materials available, they illustrate how innovation can help sustain our planet.”

Ultimate 3D Printing Store also is initiating a dialogue to generate feedback about what functional requirements manufacturers need most from a 3D filament.

“Ultimate 3D Printing Store is looking at our R&D pipeline and helping us prioritize the materials that meet client needs, as well as developing new materials to meet those needs,” Stegall said. “Roy has been great at helping us from the marketing side, as well, fine-tuning our message.”

Previously, 3DomFuel provided filament samples to distributors, but with Ultimate 3D Printing Store’s help, the company is now printing sample products from each exotic material to allow new and potential clients the chance to hold the material, test its strength and see first-hand how unique the materials are.

About Ultimate 3D Printing Store

Ultimate 3D Printing Store ( is a Florida boutique specializing in 3D design and on-demand printing services while offering one of the largest selection (98) among the best 3D printer brands, 3D parts and filaments to buy from: Wanhao, Type A Machines, Ultimaker, Zortrax, 3DomFuel, Bluecast, etc.

It also acts as the Wanhao USA Inventory and as its Master distributor in North America for printers, parts, and filaments.

About 3DomFuel LLC

Within the 3D Printing material market, the 3DomFuel innovative line of products and offerings are characterized by high quality, sustainable, and highly functional materials covering a large variety of needs for the 3D printing customer.

The enterprise ( has a global presence in the USA (Fargo, North Dakota and St Louis, Missouri) and in Europe (Moville, Ireland), allowing it to offer a large variety of filaments like  aPLA, aPLA+, and the filaments made from coffee, beer, hemp, waste, diverse exotics, and other eco-friendly bio-composites, etc.

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