Saving Lives by Day and Hearts by Night – Local Doctor Creates New Experiential Dating App

NEW YORK, NY – 4 Aug, 2017 – Rhett Silver is a busy man most days. When he’s not running with the bulls in Spain, deep diving into the Great Barrier Reef, snowboarding from helicopters in Chile, to even competing in the Great Wall of China Marathon, the native New Yorker and Hamptons physician likes to experience life a little outside the box. And like most people, he wants to do these things with people who appreciate unique events.

Sometimes in the ER, Rhett will find himself in a situation where traditional methods won’t quite work. Those times, it takes serious improvising to save a patient’s life. And necessity, as the mother of invention, often requires resourcefulness and willingness to heal both the body and the heart. The former takes years of training, but the latter has ushered in another mountain for Rhett to conquer: Love.

Just as in medicine, the rules of (relationship) engagement are meant to broken. And that’s just where Rhett shines! In addition to being a full-time doctor, he has taken on a challenge, solved the problem and can now add dating app developer to his already impressive resume.

How Avec Came to be

As a traveling physician, Rhett has gotten to see quite a bit of the country and knows all the incredible one-off events in many cities. One of these events, The L.A.T.E. (Long After Twilight Ends) Ride is what propelled Rhett to dating app success.

The Chicago cyclists’ tradition is a charity bike ride that takes place from midnight until sunrise throughout the city. Thousands turn out to watch the non-competitive ride that runs 25 miles in downtown Chicago.

One memorable year, Rhett hired a rickshaw driver to follow the mass of bikers while he sat back and enjoyed a bottle of wine! What started as a one-off became an annual tradition for Rhett. And for the first few years, he invited a date along for the ride, enjoying a truly unique experience.

Around the third year, Dr. Silver’s date had something come up unexpectedly, prompting her to cancel the morning of and leave him as a single man. With no intention of scrapping the idea completely, he considered the many women living in the city of Chicago that would find this experience fun. However finding a date at the very last minute was nearly impossible with his demanding schedule and rather than not going at all, he decided to go alone.

While some would sit and sulk, Rhett’s wheels were turning. In the silence of a midnight rickshaw, Rhett vision became clear: Build an app to connect people through experiences, not profiles.

Just like others, Rhett often enjoyed the company of others wherever he went. Whether it was to watch a show at the theater, attend a concert or have dinner at a fancy high-end restaurant, Rhett always purchased two tickets or made reservations for two – two of anything for any event that sparked his interests. However, as a busy doctor, it was sometimes hard to find someone to join him to fill that extra seat. Too often he would end up having to give up the tickets completely or force himself to go alone – just like the rickshaw night.

Avec – How It Works

Rhett brought Avec to fruition shortly after. Avec, the French word for “with” was the name he hit upon immediately in response to his own inquiries to potential dates: Come with?

Unlike traditional dating platforms, Rhett focused on Experiential Dating. After a social profile is created, users upload events they have an extra ticket for, like The L.A.T.E. Ride years prior. The event is posted publicly and other users are free to show interest in going and reach out to make a connection. It’s as easy as that.

There are plenty of well-publicized dating apps. But Rhett’s Avec puts a nice spin. Rather than matching profiles based on endless selfies, Avec takes a specific event and brings together people who really want to experience the best out there. Experiential Dating!

With Avec, users match based on common interests, not selfies, guaranteeing there will be no uncomfortable pauses while a date struggles to find something to talk about. The shared experience offers plenty. Simply download the app, create a profile, post an event you’re interested in attending with someone, and wait for the requests to roll in!

Whether someone is looking for a new friendship, romance or someone to accompany them to an event – Avec has got it covered! There is even an option to find an “activity partner” with Avec if a user is not looking particularly for romance but still wants to find someone to accompany them to an event.

For Rhett, working late night shifts in the ER and traveling around the world, there is always a potential person for him to meet and bond with over a unique experience. And surprisingly, though Rhett has even found time to date, don’t be surprised to see his profile pop up on Avec! (Psst. Ladies, he’s single, adventurous, and a doctor!)

With Avec gaining new users every day, no one ever has to go alone again.

Why find someone who may look the part, but not know the lines? Stop spending hours swiping left on countless selfies. Download the Avec App today and start attending events you care about with people you’re curious about.

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