Author Releases Modern-day Medical Thriller Titled “Saving Grace”

A story about viral infection, the cure, the sacrifices and the modern drug development

Rarely, somewhat with experience on both sides of a complex issue speaks out. Here, it is a licensed physician and a professor of biostatistics who has worked both with the FDA and with Big Pharma on drug development.  This striking story line depicts with razor sharp clarity the dilemma of medical research that engages the reader.

Dr. Lem Moyé, M.D., Ph.D, shares the well-received thriller, Saving Grace, under Toplink Publishing/Marketing Firm.  Saving Grace describes the physical, emotional, and moral sacrifices of scientists and parents as they work under extraordinary pressure to cure a deadly affliction, laying bare the complications of the modern drug industry. Lindsey Silva, Ph.D., a young and aggressive scientist, is recruited by a major pharmaceutical company to work on Project LifeBlood, a remarkable new cure for the deadly Norris’s disease. As shortcomings in the industry reveal themselves, Dr. Silva sacrifices both her family and her future to discover LifeBlood’s hidden secrets.

Grace Landing is a child afflicted with a deadly variant of Norris’ disease. She and Andrew, her father travel to a major university to begin treatment for Gracie’s illness. The pace of the new drug review evaluation accelerates, revealing the weaknesses of the biopharm//FDA drug approval process as Lindsey and the Landings commit themselves totally to Gracie’s cure.

This story is not simply about the life of Grace. Each passing page uncovers more of the characters’ complicated motives.. Dr. Moyé balances great pace and evocatively descriptive style to reach out and grip readers with no background in medicine.  

Blueink Reviewer states, “His characters are well developed, showing palpable expressions of intensity, compassion, fear or ruthlessness where appropriate, and his solid dialogue is spot on. The briskly paced plot is electrically charged from page one.”

Dr. Lem Moyé

Saving Grace

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About the Author

Dr. Lem Moye, M.D., Ph.D. is a physician, epidemiologist, and biostatistician with the natural ability to explain complex topics to nonscientific audiences. Trained at Indiana University Medical School, he completed post doctorate training at Purdue University and the University of Texas. He has worked both for the government and pharmaceutical companies, served as an expert witness in both state and federal courts, and are currently conducting research in stem cell therapy. He has published over 200 manuscripts in the scientific literature and has published seven books. He served as a volunteer physician during Hurricane Katrina. His memories of that experience led his prize winning book, Caring for Katrina’s Survivors. He currently teaches at the UTHealth School of Public Health, and has given over 75 guest lectures. He combines his knowledge with experience as a physician-scientist, encouraging nontechnical audiences to pose solutions to moral dilemmas.

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