Author Don Silver Shares Past Life in the 17th Century

The book that deals with the miraculous nature of eternity and reincarnation

The journey of souls – from past to present- is a controversial yet inspiring investigation of the big question humanity face at one point or another; Is there really such a thing as reincarnation?

A Past Life: As told by Brave Hawk is a story of the authors previous life and the things he did which creates an impact on his new life and family. When Don was told by a medium that he was once named as Brave Hawk in his past and that he had stolen a deer and eventually adopted by the Arapaho tribe, he thought these were all nonsense. However, that night a colorful and powerful dream changed his belief and his life forever.

 It was his spirit guide, Gonacheaw, who compelled him to write a book about his past life and Don responded with the hope that it will inspire everyone and open their minds to the miraculous nature of eternity.

Even if one thinks the concept of past life is intriguing, this book will open the eyes of the readers to possibilities theyve never even thought of. It enables everyone to have a better understanding of the whys and hows of reincarnation. Though many believe that what one does in the past life means nothing in comparison to what one is doing at present, Don however believes there is a strong connection between the two.

Reviews find the book interesting and captivating. It is a powerful story that evokes questions on ones past and possible future. 

I didnt believe for a while, Silver says. A book by Ruth Montgomery just seemed to come into my hands. This started me on my spiritual journey.

Don D. Silver

A Past Life: As told by Brave Hawk

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About the Author:

Don D. Silver is a retired industrial mechanic who worked for Reynolds Metals in Massena, New York. He enjoys woodworking, metalworking, and rebuilding small engines. Once an avid hunter and fisherman, he now prefers to shoot animals with his camera. He lives in New York State near the Canadian border. 

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