Deanine Mulpagano Shares Multiple Books About Life and Loss

The books that help readers appreciate the very essence of one’s existence.

Deanine Mulpagano is one of the few authors who consistently embody a healthy lifestyle by setting herself as an example, above all. She is the author of two books that deal with relevant topics for everyone to learn and be educated about.

Surviving the Shell: A How to Guide for Living a Happy and Healthy Life is her republished and re-designed published work under Toplink Publishing/Marketing firm. She introduces five practices, that when incorporated into ones life, will bring happiness and good health. They are simple to follow and will change ones life for the better. Mind, body and soul will exist together harmoniously. It is written in the simplest and clearest style for the readers to follow the steps and the principles.

Deanine shares Surviving Death: How to Overcome the Loss of a Loved One. While many people agree that death is inevitable and excruciatingly painful, she explains that, death is only an illusion. We leave our earthly shells, but our souls are eternal.  It is true that the loss leaves grief and tons of questions about the next dimension; this book enlightens the readers about life after death and gives tools to help overcome the loss of a loved one.

Deanines choice of subject matters is very sensible and useful. She incorporates simple discussions before introducing the principles to clearly convey the message/thought. The main strengths of her books are the truthfulness of her realizations that appeal to universal feelings and reactions. In short, Deanine writes what she truly believes in and what she holds dear so that her readers are empowered and molded to the best versions of themselves.  

Deanine Mulpagano

Surviving the Shell: A How to Guide for Living a Happy and Healthy Life

Surviving Death: How to Overcome the Loss of a Loved One

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About the Author

Deanine Mulpagano is a life-long vegetarian, children and animal advocate, and Reiki master. She has been on her spiritual journey for over 25 years. She is the author of Surviving the Shell. She lives in Lakeland, Florida with her husband.

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