Author Christel Decker Bresko Faces Subzero Temperature to Spread the Warmth of God’s Love

In the name of commitment, how far would missionaries, philanthropists, and preachers go in response to their ‘calling’, faith, and innermost dreams? Could it be tested by distance, time, sacrifices, and selflessness? Or, would it be as risky as possible yet they remain stalwart against all odds?

Christel Decker Bresco shares her poignant and inspirational adventure in the book, Living In A Land Where No Apples Grow, wherein the catchy title talks about how she stands firm and champions despite the tribulations.

She and her husband headed to an unknown land to preach the good news to a northern Indian tribe living just above the Arctic Circle. Her book chronicles the difficulties in the new land besieged with wild animals. The unpaved roads, unhealthy and sometime unusual supplies of foods, and subzero temperature were the driving forces that seemed to wane their determination. Instead, these all strengthened their spiritual fortitude that inspired the indigenous Indian tribe. Charged with the passion, holy providence of God and guidance, the undaunted pair proved that God is beside us all the time.

Mary Zanetakos on Amazon says, “Gutsy & inspiring, the story of a couple who seemingly won’t let anything stand in their way to spread the word of the Lord! These two braved incredible hardship and certainly shared many madcap adventures while living above the Artic. Heartwarming & entertaining, this is a great book to cuddle up to & get lost in.”

Christel writes from the heart and this makes her narratives more of talking than simply telling. She expresses her thoughts clearly to the point that readers can feel her deepest emotion poured out in every word. Living In A Land Where No Apples Grow offers riveting effect to those who may lack in faith and to those whose devotion in God can go deeper than ever.

Her books have been displayed in various International Book Exhibits. She has visually captivating video trailers on her Youtube channel: Christel Bresko and readers can follow her on Facebook:

Christel is also the author of Mother, If in Heaven There Are No Apples, I Don’t Want to Go There, Dreamland: Fruits and Veggies and Dreamland: Fruits and Veggies Coloring Book.

Christel Decker Bresko

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About the author

Now retired, Christel Decker Bresko enjoys travel, walking, swimming, reading, and writing in her spare time.

“Writing this book added great joy and spice to my Golden Years, not just remembering but to keep my past alive. Mother and Father, who both have passed on, left me with a great legacy. They wanted me to see the world, find happiness, and pursue life to the fullest. My sister and brother added gold, frankincense, and myrrh, which in my belief are riches, sweet odor, and integrity.”

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