TheDNALAB Renews Paternity DNA Testing Contract in Alberta Renewed Contract Effective June 1st 2017

Guelph, ON – TheDNALAB renews its contract with the Alberta Community and Social Services Ministry for Income Support/Child Support Services for paternity testing. As of June 1st 2017, TheDNALAB has renewed the contract previously held with the government of Alberta for an additional six years. TheDNALAB has worked with the province of Alberta for fifteen years prior to this renewal. Quality, DNA-based legal paternity testing is readily available for Albertans via TheDNALAB authorized collection locations across the province.

DNA testing may be required in cases where mothers seek child support from the biological father. DNA testing can also be used in cases of child guardianship or in cases where Children’s Aid is involved. DNA testing is a typically initiated by the Ministry on behalf of a mother who needs a DNA test to prove a biological relationship between her child and the father. Test results are required to substantiate a mother’s claim of a true biological father. The court and government recognize these results and make judgment accordingly.

Director of TheDNALAB, Dr. Wayne Murray, says access to legal paternity testing services for Albertans and all Canadians is important. He notes, “For 25-30% of cases in which paternity is disputed, there is an exclusion of the person who is thought to be the biological father. Not only is it important to include true biological fathers to support their children, but also to identify situations where someone may be suggested, but not confirmed, to be the biological father of a child.”

With the renewed contract, TheDNALAB will continue to provide Albertans with the ability to have a legal paternity test completed. TheDNALAB has approved sample collection sites in cities across the province and throughout Canada. All the testing requires is a buccal swab—a swab of the cheek cells—at an authorized DNALAB sample collection facility nearest to each participant. When completed, the swab is couriered to TheDNALAB testing facilities. Once the results are released from TheDNALAB, they are used for legal matters.

About TheDNALAB: TheDNALAB is a trusted and nationally accredited DNA laboratory in Canada. TheDNALAB under the parent company, Maxxam Analytics, was the first private DNA laboratory in Canada to be accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. TheDNALAB has been tendered with Provincial and Federal contracts for paternity and forensic DNA testing.

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