Pegasun’s System Utilities helps in improving laptop performance & battery life

Pegasun’s System Utilities aims to address the most common problems laptop users face: performance and battery life.

Phoenix, AZ – August 4th, 2017 – Pegasun, a software company, has been testing just how much their System Utilities can improve the performance and battery life of consumers’ laptops. Since every laptop is different, it was hard to point an exact number, however, on average, laptop performance and battery life has improved by around 20% – 30% after using System Utilities’ “1-Click Maintenance” function.


In order to understand how System Utilities helps improve the performance and battery life of laptops, it’s first important to understand how laptops slow down. Operating Systems are the main cause of performance degrading within a PC. With regular use of PC, more programs gets installed, more services running in the background, and junk files builds up. Nowadays, many programs (once installed) tends to automatically start itself when a user logs in and continues running in the background (even though users may not be using the program at all). Sometimes, these program may even include additional third party windows service that automatically starts and runs in the background. Also, as users normally browse the internet, their hard disk gets filled with temporary and junk files. Daniel L. Wilde, a spokesman of Pegasun said “Once you clean your laptop from all junk files, and remove, disable, or delay loading of unnecessary programs/services, your laptop has much more resources to allocate. This means your laptop has less work to do. Therefore, it is possible to notice much better performance. Also, when your laptop has less work to do, it has a prolonged battery life”. 

Pegasun System Utilities is available for both laptops and desktops. However, laptops users usually see more benefits from it. This is due to laptops having much more limited resources than desktop. Pegasun System Utilities provided a “1-Click Maintenance” button that does all the optimizations, scanning and disabling unnecessary programs for users. 

About Pegasun

Pegasun offers variety of vibrant software solutions that are designed to not only maximize the speed of a computer but also to accomplish a variety of other tasks such as clean up, tune up, backup, and securing a personal computer.

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