SideGigs: A new Marketplace for Freelancers and Professionals, Easing Buying and Selling of Services

TripShip now becomes SideGigs, a marketplace where freelancers and professionals can sell their services. The platform allows sellers and buyers to meet, each benefiting from the convenience offered by the app!

August 4th, 2017 – People looking for a market place where they can buy and sell professional services now have a chance to use SideGigs to get the work done. SideGigs is a new marketplace for freelance and professional services, a platform offering a broad range of services from graphic design, writing, pet services and much more. The platform is now available through an app which you can download from Google Play or Apps Store. The app allows buyers to get instant access to top quality talents in their area.

People who require the help of exceptional movers or those who want their dogs walked or a host of other tasks now have a chance to get the services they need just by a click of their mobile devices. SideGigs was initially known as TripShip, it supports local talents & businesses which is why they have built a platform that allows those looking for services and the sellers to meet quickly and conveniently.

SideGigs applies the concept of Gig economy where buyers and sellers come together and discuss the issues of job specifications and prices. The buyer that is the person who is looking for the services pays the seller once the job gets completed. This powerful app is providing a safe and convenient platform where individuals whether stay-at-home-parents, students and anyone who is looking for an extra income to earn at the comfort of their homes.

It is also promoting local businesses as the majority of people requiring services will hire from a pool of freelancers in their neighborhood, this according to the app developers helps the local economy and community cohesion.

The app was initially centered on delivery, but now they are focusing on providing local services and expertise. According to the app developers, this will give people a platform to earn extra income and also benefit those who need services through having their jobs done by the top experts or talents around them.

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