What Is The Royal Holiday Vacations Club?

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – 4 Aug, 2017 – If you enjoy traveling, you know that it is hard to control your itinerary. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is changing how individuals go on vacation. This program gives you the freedom, convenience, and flexibility you need to travel on your terms.

Sample destinations include Acapulco, Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Orlando, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Paris, France.

The program works by assigning credits, or CV, to every member based on their membership level. The lowest tier, Bronze, includes 10,000 credits per year. That’s enough to book a week-long vacation or two separate trips of shorter duration.

The premium Royal tier gives you 75,000 credits, enough to make all of your travel dreams come true. You may spend these CV on any number of Royal Holiday Vacations, including the finest hotels across the globe, world-renowned cruises, and a Timeshare program that does not limit you to the same destination every time.

If you can’t travel one year, that’s fine. One hundred percent of your unused credits will roll over into the next year. This is a great way to save up for a vacation that costs more than your membership level provides, as you’ll still receive your annual allotment.

For example, a Bronze member who did not travel in 2016 would have 20,000 credits in 2017, 10,000 from 2016 and another 10,000 for 2017.

You can still keep 20 percent of the credits you earned in a second year into a third year, so the same Bronze member would have 12,000 credits in 2018 (10,000 for 2018 plus 20 percent of 2017’s 10,000) if they did not use any in 2017.

You can also have Royal Holiday rent out credits you are not currently using, generating a little extra money with no cost to you.

The program locks in your costs for 30 years, allowing you to travel without inflation emptying your wallet. You no longer need to worry about paying a premium for last-minute bookings either, ensuring that you can enjoy every vacation without worrying about the cost.

Royal Holiday has over 100,000 members across 52 countries and remains dedicated to providing the best hotel, resort, and cruise ship experiences.


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