WidgetCal Expands Power of Lock Screen

Add a calendar, and more, to the lock screen of iPhone.

LOS ANGELES, CA – 4 Aug, 2017 – One billion iPhones have been sold since its release. There are over 85 million iPhone users in the United States. Early in 2017 there were over two million apps in the Apple App Store with very few offering the capabilities of WidgetCal. iPhone users needing as much functionality out of every moment of use on their phone will understand the benefits of using WidgetCal.

Normally the lock screen on an iPhone is useless for anything more detailed than alerting the user to the time of day, day of the month, and year. While there are apps that add functionality to the lock screen, the benefits are still severely limited. WidgetCal offers users the ability to view a complete month of scheduling, available at a glance. Simply activating the iPhone brings up the lock screen along with as much detailed information as the user will want via editing the options of WidgetCal’s settings.

Users can adjust WidgetCal to show a week or a month worth of scheduling, navigate between months, set Sunday/Monday as start of the week depending on preference, and even use a custom font and size to suit anyone’s style and mood.

The latest update of WidgetCal gives users the capability to use cute stickers to mark important dates for easier, quicker, recognition of unique events such as anniversaries and birthdays. This customizability will help the user to become accustomed to WidgetCal and depend on the functionality available. Having a month of schedules available on one screen can vastly simplify workloads, meetings, and keeping business and personal life in line working together.

WidgetCal is free to use with some features available for premium subscription users. There is a three-month trial of WidgetCal Premium after which the user’s iTunes account will be charged $3.99 (equivalent in other currencies) annually. Subscription management is handled via iTunes.

Upgrade the lock screen with WidgetCal and get work done. WidgetCal is available on the iTunes App Store.

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