Eco Molding Offers Now Original Factory Price on Eco Molding for Beating Competition in Chinese Domestic Market

Eco Molding, a leading eco molding manufacturer and supplier from China, now offers factory-direct prices on all plastic injection molding products.

Eco Molding, a reputable manufacturer and supplier of eco molding from China, now offers factory-direct prices to beat the competition in the Chinese domestic market. The owners said that there are over five thousand manufacturers in China, but many of these companies deal through brokers with their prospective clients. As a result, the buyers cannot be sure of the quality of the products and often end up paying higher-than-standard prices. One of the owners of the injection molding China Company said that the brokers charge a high amount as their commission and the buyers cannot really know the original price of the product.

To counter this, the plastic injection molding company has published eco molding cost detail on their business website. “We can say it with conviction that most of the traders in China cannot match our price. We are able to offer the molds at a much lower price as there is no middle man and we offer the products directly to our customers”, said one of the co-owners of Eco Molding.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, the injection molding China manufacturing company aims to provide one-stop service to small and mid-size companies from across different industry segments. “We are not a very large company, which is actually a great advantage for us. We do have ISO9001: 2008 certification and we can definitely assure quality. However, at the same time, our molds manufactured in China are far less expensive than the ones manufactured in Europe or the USA. We also manufacture paint parts and the assembling is done in-house, which further reduces the cost”, said a sales and marketing executive during a brief interview with the press here in Beijing.

The sales and marketing manager also added that all their sales executives have high technical knowledge as well, which helps them in dealing with customers easily. “We are a B2B company and purchase and procurement managers of other companies might have technical queries related to mold making. Our sales executives are thoroughly trained to answer these queries correctly”, said the sales manager during the press conference.

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Eco Molding is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molding from China.

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