Mold China Manufactures Now Produces High-Quality Plastic Injection Mould to Make Mold Steel Polishing Easier

Mold China, a leading plastic injection mould manufacturer from China and a B2B supplier, recently started producing plastic injection moulds that are fully compliant with the guidelines of Society of Plastics Industry or SIP.

As surface finish is an integral part of industry-grade molded component manufacturing, Mold China, a leading China based manufacturer and supplier of plastic injection mould, recently started producing superior-quality molds so as to make mold steel polishing easier. According to the owners of Mold China, if a mold surface has pits, welds or scratches, these defects will appear on the molded part. For consumer applications that require a smooth and flawless appearance, this may count as a cause for rejection. Therefore, the company is now following the polishability scale of the Society of Plastics Industry or SIP.

“Polishing is the last step performed before the mold is sent to the production line. The surface defects, therefore, cannot be detected until the mold construction stage. Once such defects are identified, the mold steel must be re-polished, which increases the production downtime and cost, both. We have started to follow the SIP regulations and directives religiously so as to produce plastic injection mould that perfectly comply with the industry standards”, said a quality control manager while speaking on behalf of Mold China in Beijing.

Established in 1998, Sositar Mould Co., Ltd or Mold China now produces a wide range of plastic moulds for disparate industry segments, starting from automotive to home appliances to medical equipment to electronics and sports equipment manufacturing sectors, not to mention the general OEM applications manufacturing sector that serves as an ancillary sector to many other industrial segments. The quality control manager of Mold China said that they now have a factory in Shenzhen and can produce 60-80 moulds every month.

“We are constantly trying to increase our production capacity and our R&D team plays a key role in the constant growth and development of the company. We are now trying to produce our plastic injection mould products in full compliance with the industry standards and guidelines, so that we can get the edge in the highly competitive market”, said the CEO and managing director of Mold China during a recent press conference.

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Mold China is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic injection molds.

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